About Finn

Finn is a labrador retriever that has Canine Epilepsy and has some very interesting challenges and adventures in his 3 short years. 

Finn was diagnosed with Canine Epilepsy in July of 2010 after to having several seizures.  His parents, Rob and Cheryl, spent time researching this disease and decided to move forward with an MRI to confirm the diagnosis.  Through the process of diagnosis, we realized the costs to not only diagnose the disease but also maintain the prescriptions and ongoing diagnostic tests and visits to Finn's vet was going to be a costly endeavor.  We are lucky that we can support these expenses but realize there are others who cannot afford the care associated with the disease.

Finn has 2 brothers, Oz and Jack and one sister, Nik.  Nikki currently lives with Grandma and keeps her company.

Finn is a very active dog and enjoys
going to "school" to play with his pals and playing with his brother Oz.  In addition, Finn is a "tri-dog" in training and supports his mom by attending local triathlons.  Some of his favorite activities are frisbee playing, chasing the tennis ball, and paddle boarding with mom.  You can check out his adventures here.


Finn's parents, Rob and Cheryl

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